On the way to another change

December 20th, 2015

If you have ever posted photos or updated your status in Facebook, you probably have had Facebook reminded you several times of what you had posted ‘this day last year’.

I think it’s a nice reminder function, as we will be reminded of the sweet memories or happy times or an important occasion in our lives. But the more reminders of this sort that I saw, the more I realised that my life was so interesting and eventful… before I went back to a full time job! :P

When I was not working on a project, I would be doing all sorts of things – travelling, baking, cooking, participating in hobby activities, having coffee time with myself or friends, or just simply doing house chores to ensure all things are clean and in order at home. Facebook was a simple journal of mine, where the related photos, experience and feelings would be charted and shared. I had 2 good, fun years in 2013 and 2014!

Well, 2015 is consider a generally good year for me. I have to be thankful for being able to have a nicely paid job (even if it’s quite a stressful and exhausting one!), and that myself and the people around me are generally well and healthy. Nevertheless, the sparks of life are missing! And I am no where nearer to my real goals and dreams in life. I feel restless all the time.

Therefore, I will turn things around the coming year. Make a change (yes, another one!) in my ‘career’ path, aim for the healthy lifestyle I desire, get involved in human and animal charity activities, and work towards my passion and goals.

The idea of a 9-to-6 job will be thrown out of my life soon and forever! :P


    Paying for freedom

    July 27th, 2015

    Hubby is away in Bali for a working trip for a couple of days. Attila was sent to the pet house for boarding. Me, this time chose to stay in a hotel instead of staying at my mom’s.

    Decided to stay in the hotel because it is located just two blocks away from my office building. So, I can walk and reach my office in 5 minutes’ time. :D No need to trouble my dad to send me to the train station.

    Other than that, there’s air-conditioning in the room. And more importantly, I can walk in and out of the bathroom just wrapped in a towel! :P

    It’s not an expensive hotel,  so I don’t mind paying for comfort and the freedom to have a little fabric on me, haha!



      The music of life

      July 17th, 2015

      It’s the season of Master Chef Australia again! Watching this TV programme very weekday night has become my way to unwind after a tired day’s work. Watching how people rushing like mad to create beautiful dishes in a short limited time is really relaxing for me. Haha!

      Actually, watching the programme gives me the chance to be closer to my passion, reminding me about that one dream that is hiding deeply in my heart and that I should start planning how to realise that dream as I am no longer young.

      Perhaps, I should start ‘downtuning’ my current working life–just like downtuning a guitar with the xtender–to one or two levels down, so that I could actually allocate time and space to work out my own life vision, instead of putting all my effort to help build other people’s business empire.

      Well, may be this is the so-called music of life. There are ups and downs; sometimes adagio, at times allegro. One day rock and roll, the other a calm Baroque. Most importantly, we need to find that one music that fits our life, that tells our life the best. And that that we are happy to sing it for the rest of our life.

        Thank goodness for this break

        July 17th, 2015

        Finally, a long weekend for a break! Time to catch up with things that I had been putting aside for a while. That is – to get my hair cut and coloured, as well as get myself a new pair of spectacles. :P

        6 months in my job, my hair turns grey faster than usual. My presbyopia has worsen rapidly. And my dark eye circles have become more and more obvious. My ageing process just suddenly speeds up like rocket! *Cry*

        That’s why I really welcome a 3-day weekend like this. It is great to be able to replenish some lost sleep and see myself look fresh again. And that doesn’t require any money, unlike paying hundreds for my hair and almost a thousand for my new glasses. Eeeks!

        As for tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, it shall be time for me to ‘replenish’ my lost time for exercise. Haha!

        Yes, fitness weekend it is!