My Attila, my baby

January 11th, 2016

Hubby has moved to a new company last December, and he has been busier than ever. We are often away for almost 14 hours from morning till night during working days.

While we human beings are out and about doing our own things, my poor Attila stays at home (well, he’s actually free to move around in the front yard) and waits patiently for his daddy and mommy to come home from work.

Every time we reach home, he will be so excited in greeting us, and just can’t stop jumping on his daddy and throwing his passionate ‘kisses’ to him (actually more like putting his mouth over my husband’s hands). Because daddy is Attila’s No. 1 Lover. I’m only No.2. He never greets me in such a passionate way, unless I’m the only one at the door. :P

Sometimes we felt sorry for him, that he has to wait for us. It’s good that we have installed a retractable canopy and installed a wall fan, so we know that he will be protected from the sun and rain while we are at not at home. And we are proud that Attila is able to sit and stay and watch us leave without a fuss. It did take some treats and training to get him used to this routine, but Attila learned it quite fast.

Another 3 months down the road, it will be Attila’s 2nd birthday.  I hope he will get smarter every day, and not more stubborn! :P

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