It’s a brand new year again

January 11th, 2016

Holiday and festive seasons had just passed by in a jiffy! What I had I done over the two long weekends? Nothing but sleep, eat, and more sleep and eat. :P

It only struck me on the second day of the new year that I had not set any resolution or goals for this year!

Oh well, it’s not too late to list down my 2016 resolutions yet. So, I have decided to embark on just a few small plans:

1. To quit my job and return to school and study full time in pastry and bakery arts for 3 months.

2. To have a beach holiday at a neighbouring island that I have never been before.

3. To start my home pastry business, which is in fact a long-overdue plan.

4. To pick up a new skill, which is……. martial art! Partly for fitness, partly for self-defence. I haven’t decided which form to learn yet though. Chinese Kung Fu, may be? Haha!

5. To end my year counting down to Christmas or New Year out of this country! Could be in one of the cities in Japan… or Australia… or Taiwan… or Paris?! :D

Just 5 items on the list. If I could accomplish all of them, it will be definitely a great 2016 for me.

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