Is it time to let it go?

January 11th, 2016

Exactly 4 weeks to Chinese New Year. Wow, another fun festive celebration is waiting around the corner! :D

Well, that also means it’s time for spring cleaning. Bleh. The not-so-fun part about CNY.

We have so many things in the house to get rid of, either to recycle, donate or simply discard. But it’s not easy to do that some times. There are many things that no longer serve us, but we just want to hold on and are unwilling to let go.

For instance, my violin. It’s not an expensive instrument that I bought, but it’s my one and only one! I don’t practice with it anymore (since more than a decade ago). One of the strings snapped and I ‘keep forgetting’ to send it for mending and tuning.

Read this – keep forgetting. If you keep forgetting about something, be it an object or a task, is it enough to say that you don’t give a damn about that something anymore? :P

Okay, if I could find a music instrument store in my living vicinity, perhaps I will give the violin another chance to sing again, once more. Haha!

Err, but wait, where is the violin? Where have I kept it? Is it here in MY house, or is it kept back in my parents’….

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