The music of life

July 17th, 2015

It’s the season of Master Chef Australia again! Watching this TV programme very weekday night has become my way to unwind after a tired day’s work. Watching how people rushing like mad to create beautiful dishes in a short limited time is really relaxing for me. Haha!

Actually, watching the programme gives me the chance to be closer to my passion, reminding me about that one dream that is hiding deeply in my heart and that I should start planning how to realise that dream as I am no longer young.

Perhaps, I should start ‘downtuning’ my current working life–just like downtuning a guitar with the xtender–to one or two levels down, so that I could actually allocate time and space to work out my own life vision, instead of putting all my effort to help build other people’s business empire.

Well, may be this is the so-called music of life. There are ups and downs; sometimes adagio, at times allegro. One day rock and roll, the other a calm Baroque. Most importantly, we need to find that one music that fits our life, that tells our life the best. And that that we are happy to sing it for the rest of our life.

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