Thank goodness for this break

July 17th, 2015

Finally, a long weekend for a break! Time to catch up with things that I had been putting aside for a while. That is – to get my hair cut and coloured, as well as get myself a new pair of spectacles. :P

6 months in my job, my hair turns grey faster than usual. My presbyopia has worsen rapidly. And my dark eye circles have become more and more obvious. My ageing process just suddenly speeds up like rocket! *Cry*

That’s why I really welcome a 3-day weekend like this. It is great to be able to replenish some lost sleep and see myself look fresh again. And that doesn’t require any money, unlike paying hundreds for my hair and almost a thousand for my new glasses. Eeeks!

As for tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, it shall be time for me to ‘replenish’ my lost time for exercise. Haha!

Yes, fitness weekend it is!

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