Olay White Radiance Night Whitening Cream

February 27th, 2008

I went for a short holiday at Langkawi Island last month. Although it was not a typical beach holiday that I dreamed it to be, i.e. sun-bathing on the sand or frolicking in the water (in a bikini perhaps), I still find myself slightly tanned on my hands and legs, and my face was at least one tone darker.

When my face still didn’t look any brighter 2 weeks post-holiday, I decided to get a whitening product for night use. Since I have used Olay White Radiance Intensive Whitening Lotion (SPF24) and like it, I figured I could try its Night Whitening Cream from the same range.

Olay White Radiance Night Whitening Cream 50g – Click here to get from Amazon now!

Olay White Radiance Night Whitening Cream

  • Vitamin B3 provides cellular energy for skin to enhance skin’s renewal process.
  • Olay Whitening Complex (vitamin B3, mulberry extracts, vitamin C) actively reduces spots and evens out skin tone while you sleep.
  • Multiple vitamins and rich moisturizing mixture to efficiently achieve better texture, clarity and glowing radiance for your skin.

At first I was quite concerned whether the cream would be too heavy for my skin. To my surprise, after using it for several weeks, it’s actually less greasy than I thought, and I didn’t find myself wake up with a shiny face. The cream is easily applied evenly over the face, and it actually does what it promises to “…achieve better texture, clarity and glowing radiance…”.

After using the night cream for about a week or so, I could already see that my skin tone was brighter than before. And now I’m using it on my neck as well.

I wonder if I should also slap the cream on my arms and see if it works there too…. ;P

Olay White Radiance Night Whitening Cream 50g – Click here to get from Amazon now!

    211 Responses to “Olay White Radiance Night Whitening Cream”

    1. liz says:

      hey i have a question. how do you apply the olay white radiance lotion? in the morning? then at night, olay white radiance night cream?

    2. Valen says:

      The lotion with SPF is used during daytime, and the night whitening cream of course is used at night. I personally believed that products with SPF should not be applied when you go to bed, although some cosmetic sales girls will said it’s alright to do so.

    3. Leigh says:

      I think it’s great….

    4. liz says:

      Oh okay. Yes of course it’s at night hahaha. Thanks for the reply. I also bought olay white radiance but because im so excited to buy, i bought the cream one. then it made my skin oily i didn’t notice it’s for normal to dry, i think i have combination skin, so i bought the lotion thingy. I use the lotion in the morning then cream in the afternoon then at night the whitening cream.. so the cream won’t put to waste ..hehehe

    5. Valen says:

      Yah… sometimes we won’t know how our skin react to the product until we try it. If it’s not suitable to be used during daytime or daily, then we have to think of ways to use it somehow, so not to waste $. :)

    6. liz says:

      Do u think what I’m doing is ok? both using the lotion and cream. haha. just a question coz I don’t know who to ask haha..

    7. liz says:

      hey what’s your nationality?

    8. liz says:

      I’ve read some of ur blogs. Wow. I guess you’ve already tried all the products?. ur rich!.

    9. Valen says:

      I’m not rich… I’m just vain, that’s all, haha! I didn’t try all the products that I showed on my blog, although I would like to try them some day. Those that I’ve tried I will give a proper review sooner or later. I think just ‘listen’ to your skin, if you use the products the ‘wrong’ way, it will show signs. For me, my skin never stays the same. It can be dry at times and very oily for a month or so… I have to ‘adjust’ my regime every now and then, haha! I’m from Malaysia, you?

    10. liz says:

      Thanks for the advice! :) Now I don’t know what to do. Haha just kidding.. Maybe I’ll just use the lotion. Now the cream will put to waste. :( Well that’s a lesson for me. I can’t give it to my sis or mom coz they’ll know I’m buying stuff like that and it’s expensive. I’m from Philippines!:)

    11. Valen says:

      Are Olay considered expensive products in the Philippines? Well, I think you can still use the cream when you are traveling in a plane or staying in an air-conditioned room for a long time, coz the skin tends to dehydrate and needs more moisturizing.

    12. liz says:

      Well 9 bucks is expensive for us middle class. Hehehe. So that’s 495 pesos. hmm yah. I can still use it at times! Whew that’s 50 grams.

    13. liz says:

      hi!. just to let u know my sister noticed that I got whiter! thanks for ur help haha.. and because I read about the olay WR night cream on ur blog. :) )

    14. Valen says:

      Hi Liz, good to hear that! Wishing you beautiful 4ever! :)

    15. angela says:

      Hi could anyone tell me where can i buy this olay white radiance night whitening cream via online?Any website i can purchase?many thanks!

      • Nicole says:

        OK. first. prevent the skin from getitng dark in the first place. get a good sunblock, that blocks uva and uvb rays. I’d recommend a spf 50 or higher, a spf 70 is ideal. use this religiously.I would _not_ recommend any skin whitening product they sell out there.. most of them are toxic and have ruined people’s skin. if you want to whiten your skin, here’s a recipe you can use once a week at most :1 part hydrogen peroxide1 part lemon juice1 part milk powermix up and put on skin you want whitened and leave on for about 30 minutes, then rinse.also, exfoliate. getitng rid of dead skin cells actually lightens the skin up a bit.

    16. Valen says:

      Hi Angela, I think you should be able to get it from ebay. :)

    17. angela says:

      Hi valen,Tnx for dat info.Ive seen some olay products in ebay website actually its all there what i want like the olay white radiance night whitening cream,but the thing is i am doubtful 2 buy like that thing in ebay esp stuff on the face.Is there any website i can buy online?I wonder where some people here buy that olay product!

    18. angela says:

      Ive been spending times and times 2 look over the net if where i can i buy them but i cant find nowhere hehehe!Which place olay made of?And if in ebay which place they usually come?Any suggestion which is better pai if i will use at night the white radiance night whitening cream,and what im going to put during the day?Many thanks Valen!!!!Hope 2 hear frm u!

    19. Valen says:

      Well, I suppose the next one or two places to look for are shopping.yahoo.com or sasa.com. When you search at these websites, you can also find a list of Olay White Radiance products that can be used at day time.
      To read more about Olay, check out:

      Hope the above helps :)

    20. angela says:

      Hi valen!! Can i ask you some beauty tips if you dont mind?I just wonder whether you can help me coz i really dont know what im going to put on my face since i have some whiteheads around my nose and chin?Ive been using some nosetrips but it didnt work at all!Put some tonner or ay facial scrubd but still i got it!
      I used to have facial before when i wasnt out of the country but now i cant afford to have it done here hehehe!Thanks valen hope to hear frm you

    21. angela says:

      Hi valen! just a quick word to say that ive just bought olay through ebay! I got olay white radiance intensive whitening lotion spf 24 and olay whitening night cream! Do you think i would rather use the olay with spf during the day?Is it ok to use the 2 olay during one in the morning and night?thanks

    22. Valen says:

      Hi Angela! Good to know that you have got what you’re looking for. :) The lotion with SPF24 should be used during daytime only, while the night cream to be used at night. Wishing you fairer skin in the weeks to come. :)

    23. angela says:

      hi its me again! sorry if i kept asking questions to you as your the only i know that knows more about beauty tips!Hope you dont mind me asking lolz!!
      I started to used my 2 olay whitening cream the one with spf and the night one! I just dont know why i have some tiny pimples coming out. whether i will have my monthly period in a week time which i usually get pimples if i will due or its because of olay.???I found the olay white radiance spf24 oily to my face during the day is it normal?While the night one i dont mind if its oily to my face as i used it during night time!
      At the moment i will just have to observe what may cause the pimples.thanks

    24. angela says:

      hi valen!thanks for answering all my questions all the time!Its really my pleasure! I just want to ask if you know what body lotion for whitening skin is good?I just wondered about NIVea whitening lotion,do you have any suggestions for other products which are very effective?thanks

    25. Valen says:

      Hi Angela, no problem. I will share what I know, although my answers may not necessarily help. :)
      Sometimes I also feel the day cream to be slightly oily especially on warmer days when I keep sweating. Otherwise, I find it alright when I’m traveling long distance in the car or walking in the shopping mall. But if your oiliness and tiny pimple (whiteheads you meant?) problems persist, then may be you should stop using it for a while. Or only use it for times when you have to spend long hours in an air-conditioned room or car.

    26. Valen says:

      I’m also looking for body whitening products! :) I do have Nivea UV protection lotion and night whitening milk, but I don’t know if they are effective coz I never remember to apply them every day. :P

    27. angela says:

      thanks valen!!!

    28. KS says:

      Hey girls!

      Just wanted to know how quickly you can see the results from this cream. I am Indian with fair complexion- but I recently was on vacation and got tanned. My cousin’s wedding is coming up in a couple of months, so I wanted to know how long will it be before I can expect to see results.
      p.s. I have not started using it yet.

    29. Valen says:

      Wow, that’s difficult to say. ;) If you are really tanned, then it might take weeksss to see the results, I’m afraid. If I were you, I would couple whitening night cream with whitening essence, use day moisturizer with a higher SPF (19-24 or >30 if outdoor), and apply whitening mask more often. I quite like whitening masks from Neutrogena and Garnier. If you have the budget, may be you can check out Lancome whitening products. What are you going to do about your body tan?

    30. donna says:

      hi valen!
      does olay wr intensive day lotion moisturize yer skin enough? currently i’m using the day cream and it’s a bit oily sumtimes, especially on my T zone. i wanna try the lotion one, but i’m afraid that the moistrizer isn’t enough for my skin, bcoz the old version of olay wr lotion (not the intensive one) is too dry for me. oya, i’ve got combination skin, a bit shiny on my T n dry on cheek.

      i’m indonesian.nice to know that we’re in same race..^_^

    31. Valen says:

      Hi Donna! Nice to meet you. :)

      I haven’t tried the day cream, because I reckoned it would be rather heavy on my skin, particularly my T-zone. The intensive whitening lotion SPF24 is fine though, it is moisturizing enough without causing excessive oiliness.

      But if you are working long-hours in an air-conditioned room, then probably you have to consider applying some hydrating essence on drier skin area before the lotion. Well, you just have to try it first. I hope my sharing helps. :)

    32. donna says:

      thank u, valen!i’ll use the lotion then..thak u so much

    33. sanoy says:

      hey valen….hi..i hav a big doubt….does olay white radiance night whitening cream work for a oily skin…..?????

    34. Valen says:

      Hi Sanoy, thanks for dropping by!
      I think creams in general are heavy for oily skin. While my skin is considered oily skin type (recently told by a beautician), luckily mine is not a serious one, so I could still use olay white radiance night cream. But certain days my skin tend to be extra oily (hormones may be?), then I will skip it for that period of time.

    35. sanoy says:

      thanks valen…..

    36. I’ve been using Olay and Euoko Radiance Cream on my throat and face for the last 3 weeks, and I see a huge difference.

      Have you tried Euoko Radiance Cream?

    37. Valen says:

      Hi there! Oh, I have not heard of Euoko before, don’t think their products are available in Malaysia yet. Thanks for letting me know. :)

    38. Olay is a good product for whitening skin. However if people want to try other products, glutathione can be an option. The use of glutathione for health and skin whitening or skin lightening is now gaining acceptance and has an increasing market especially women. However choosing the best and quality glutathione products should be taken into consideration. Only glutathione products that were able to pass the strict government standard should be used. The Beauoxi White Plus a 5in1 glutathione is another brand that can assure its users of the health benefit and satisfaction that they will get from the product. Additional information about glutathione can be found at Glutathione: Skin Whitening

    39. Neha says:

      Hi Valen,
      nice blog :) …I just wanted to ask for some tips..I have skin that looks different all the time..when i wash if off, it becomes dry and dehydrated.However after 2 hours of washing it the T zone becomes v oily. It shines and doesnt look good and fresh. I m really confused wat to do…If i use moisturiser and creames, it looks fine at first and after some time it gets so oily..plz guide :(

    40. Valen says:

      Hi Neha, I’m no skin expert, but I will share what I learned from listening to what skin therapists, beauticians and cosmetic counter sales person told me. ;)

      Actually my skin used to be like that too, although probably not that severe. What my skin therapist used to told me was that – the skin got dehydrated at the first place, and without replenishing it with adequate hydration, the skin produces excessive oil to counteract the dryness. So, the first and foremost thing to do is to replenish your skin’s hydration level. But since your T-zone tends to get oily, it’s better to ask your skin specialist/therapist to recommend a moisturizer that is suitable for your current skin type (i.e. provides hydration without causing excessive oiliness).

      Hope this helps. :)

    41. Sharon says:

      Hey I’m interested in using this same night whitening cream because I am very dark. Would this work for me or does it only work on persons who got tanned by exposure to sunlight?

      Also, is this product made in the US & what are the side effects?

    42. muthu says:

      Dear sir, you are olay product can you men.

    43. muthu says:

      dear sir, men can use this product.

    44. kanwal says:

      hey gurl r u sure tht this creme gave yew fair complexionn? shud i startted to use this?

    45. cs says:

      i have oily skin and would like to know whether the olay white radiance intensive whitening lotion (spf 24) would make my oily skin condition worse? thanks

    46. Valen says:

      Hi CS! My skin was slightly oily when I was using this lotion. No, it did not worsen my oily skin condition. But your condition may be different from mine. So perhaps you can get the smallest bottle of the lotion and try it for a few days. See if it affects your skin. If you find it oily on your face, you can still use it on your arms and hands so that it doesn’t go to waste. :)

    47. elaynae says:

      em..can teenage age 17 using olay white radiance night cream???

    48. Valen says:

      Hi Elaynae! I don’t know if Olay White Radiance Night Cream is suitable for a 17 year old. I’m just worried that the night cream might be a bit too rich for a teenage skin, and that it may cause your skin to be oily and later triggers breakouts…

    49. Glenn says:

      Hi there. I have oily/combination skin and I have been using the Olay white radiance products range: white radiance cream facial wash (love the beads that gently exfoliates), then Olay toner after that, and lastly moisturize using white radiance lotion (SPF 24) even during the night. Can’t risk using the cream during the night because its formula is too rich for my oily skin. Once a week i use white radiance facial mask (after which by the way i did the consecutive 5-day straight mask treatment). My skin got fairer and the whitening effect produced a rosy glow. Pimples which I used to have slightly before now disappeared. People thought i look younger than my age. And by the way, I am a straight guy, and vain! :-)

    50. Valen says:

      Hi Glenn, that’s so cool! :) Hardly heard of any guys that take serious care of their skin, except the models and actors. It’s so difficult to get my hubby to use even a simple toner and apply moisturizer – once a day.Haha! Thanks for sharing your experience, coz I think Olay whitening product range really works, and it is purse friendly, too. :) (Just hope that they would come up with some body whitening products, too)

    51. sana says:

      hi.i have combination skin plz tell me how i’ll use olay whitening night cream.plz gv me ans

    52. j. says:

      how much this white radiant is??

    53. Valen says:

      Hi J! Can’t remember the price for this night cream, sorry! But it surely has a very affordable price tag. :)

    54. may says:

      have you tried olay white radiant cellucent serum??? can i use both the serum and the lotion together?

    55. Valen says:

      Hi May! I have not tried the serum. But as far as I know, we normally still have to apply moisturizer or lotion after serum. :)

    56. HONEY says:

      may i know that is olay uv radiance whitening lotion good for oily means acne skin?
      plz reply me as soon as possible!
      will be waiting!

    57. Valen says:

      Hi Honey, I don’t know… if your face is just oily at the T-zone, you may still be able to use it. If you have acne all around the face, then only you can tell whether it is suitable for your skin after using it a couple of times. :)

    58. findm says:

      Skin lightening-bleaching cream-skin whitening-fade cream. Don’t bleach your skin until you read this.

    59. sanjana says:

      hii valen:) im indian and wud like to ask you sum things..after i wash my face( usually with neem soap) it becomes dry. wen i moisturise it it s ok for abt 4-5 hrs then becomes oily.1)does olay wr lotion moisturise enough to remove dryness after washing face without making it too oily2)pls answer this.this lotion has spf.so in d evening(wen there is no sun) can this spf containing lotion be applied after washing face to go out.i dont want my skin to look greasy in the evening,want it to look fresh,so is this spf lotion ok.i cant keep buying many products to use at different times of the day as they r expensive.wud like to buy one.pls help. i dont want to use the cream as i think it will my skin too oily.please answer both my questions..il be highly grateful.

    60. Valen says:

      Hi Sanjana, thanks for dropping by. If you are using the lotion with SPF, then you only use it during the day. At night you can use the night moisturizer. In general, Olay whitening moisturizer doesn’t cause too much oiliness for my face. But if the weather is warm and you sweat a lot, then of course your face will get oily fast.

      Sometimes the face gets oily not because of the moisturizer, but is because your skin is ‘thirsty’, and it tells itself to produce more oil so that it won’t be so dry. May be you should first find out if the neem soap is suitable for your skin?

    61. paige says:

      i am currently using olay white radiance cream cleanser and i really dnt know if it is effective. I just want to lessen the dark spots in my face, can this product help me to achieve brighter skin?

    62. Valen says:

      Hi Paige,

      To me Olay White Radiance is able to give you an overall brighter skin, but if you want to target spots, may be you will need some spot whitening essence. I think Olay has a product like this, but I personally have not used before. :)

    63. ramy says:

      i have question please where can i find that cream please can anybody tell me

    64. Valen says:

      Hi Ramy, for me in Malaysia I can easily get it from pharmacy outlets (drug stores). I suppose you can get it online, e.g. eBay.

    65. Rev says:

      Hi Valen, am from India(Chennai). I’m interested in using this same night whitening cream because I am somewat dark. Would this work for me or does it only work on persons who got tanned by exposure to sunlight?

    66. Valen says:

      Hi Rev,

      Hmmm, I’m not sure about that. But logically, I think these whitening creams are meant to help reverse the effects of sunlight on the skin, or prevent the skin from getting tanned and damaged by the UV light. Not sure if it can help to make you fairer than your natural skin tone…

      • Weeranuch says:

        i dont bother tlielng people how dangerous tanning beds are .. if they die.. they wont learn the lesson anyway really dumb. just get the natural thing.. i dont care if you dont have time.. you have time go to fake tanning but not actually tanning outside? whatever. ?

    67. Dang says:

      Hi Valen,
      i was wondering if this olay cream is preferable to 17 year olds? I would’ve tried this if I hadn’t remembered that olay targets wrinkles and all which i’ve read somewhere that an anti-aging cream is a big no-no for teenagers.

    68. Valen says:

      Hi Dang,

      I am not sure if this particular whitening night cream will be too oily for teenage skin. I think there are a few different ranges of whitening products from Olay itself, you can check out at your local pharmacies. I can’t remember the names of the products though. Sorry. :(

    69. biji rajeev says:

      i want to know about which brand of olay good,made in ireland or made in thailand.how to use this cream,how many times apply daily.

    70. lara maya says:

      hi girls i have three question for u the first one is it okay if i use Olay White Radiance day Whitening cream and im still 15 years old? The second question is what other cream i could use to remove pin piles? The third question is will Olay White Radiance day Whitening cream have any effect on my face? thank u so much!

    71. tim says:

      Hi valen,

      I have come across your blog and wondering if you could
      answer a question for me.

      I am trying to purchase the olay intensive
      White lotion in the uk which is quiet
      Difficult to find.

      I was wondering if you could tell me what
      Colour the actual lotion is as i have come
      Across one seller on ebay and it looks
      A cream yellow.


    72. Valen says:

      Hi Tim,

      Yes, the cream itself is not totally white, it’s a very light yellow colored cream. :)


    73. Valen says:

      Hi again Tim,

      Adding on to my previous answer. I haven’t used Olay whitening lotion for a long time, but the last one I used was creamy yellow color as you mentioned. Previously, their whitening series lotion was more whitish, but that one is no longer in production.

      Just to let you know in case you were looking for the older series of whitening lotion. :)

    74. mei mei says:

      hi valen, i found this site so informative.thanks for ur time answering all of this questions.ur such a big help.. i also have some questions to ask, i am using olay intensive whitening lotion w/ spf 24, can i still use my olay complete w/ spf 15? thanks

    75. Valen says:

      Hi Mei Mei,

      Thanks for dropping by. :)

      May I ask if you are using both at the same time? You don’t have to apply two moisturizers with SPF at one time, you know, because the uv protection doesn’t add up. Just apply the one with the higher SPF if you think you will be spending a longer time outdoor. :)

    76. Lena says:

      Hi Valen,
      I’m in desperate need of a remedy 2 overcome some dark spots…(not blackheads actually).
      I want 2 fade them out…not too many really, it’s just 3 spots on my left cheek.
      I got 2 get rid of it in 1 week…I have a very important event coming up in a week…
      So, is the Olay white radiance night cream good enough or there is something better…
      It’s kind of really urgent…it means a lot
      Counting on u… ;)

    77. Valen says:

      Hi Lena,

      I think Olay white radiance night cream is good for lightening skin complexion overall, but to treat a specific dark spot, you may have to look around for some spot lightening serum or cream.
      I have not personally experienced dark spot problem, so I can’t say what product is good for that. Sorry~

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